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Dubai Overview

Mar-4-2015 By Lindsey

Dubai is the city of contrasts that beautifully blend together. Dubai is a combination of old and new, ancient and modern traditions, deserts and beaches, and of cultures coming together to create an exciting, unique, cosmopolitan city. Read More

I love redeeming frequent flyer miles! I hate saving miles. In my view, saving miles seems to decrease their value as many U.S. based airlines have changed their policies and have made it increasingly difficult to redeem miles for flights at the best redemption levels. As such, I use miles as I accumulate them. Read More

“I can think of nothing better than lying around and doing nothing for a week” is something that I commonly hear when planning trips for clients. However, I more commonly hear “what am I going to do for a week, won’t I get bored?” Read More

There are a bunch of great benefits being part of the Linara Travel team. Traveling to the Maldives on a regular basis is certainly one of them. Read More

The reason behind our Round-the-World in a Week Trip is to attend the Grand Opening Festivities at Velaa Private Island.  Yes, we traveled all this way for a party!  It is already our 3rd visit to Velaa Private Island since November (Linara Travel fans might remember our New Year’s Eve photos from Velaa Private Island).  Our nonstop seaplane from the Maldives airport (the World’s largest seaplane terminal) to Velaa Private Island was a scenic 50 minute flight. Velaa knows us well as we were greeted on arrival with Champagne! Read More

Upon arrival in the Maldives at 10:10 PM, we were through passport control and customs and in the waiting speedboat in less than 10 minutes after the plane landed.  It’s the second airport in a row we’ve been through customs this quickly…it helps only having carry-on luggage. Read More

Our flight arrived in Singapore at 3:25 AM.  With an 8:30 PM departure later the same day, a 17 hour stay in Singapore might seem like a terrible layover to many people.  To the contrary, we were excited about the 17 hours as it gave us a chance to explore Singapore!  Here is how we spent our 17 hours.
Singapore’s Changi airport is our favorite in the World.  We were off the A380, through passport control and customs, and in our waiting Bentley in under 10 minutes after landing.  Few large airports can match this speed and efficiency. Read More

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