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Maldives vs. Seychelles vs. Mauritius

Mar-26-2012 By Lindsey

Which destination to visit? Which destination has the nicest beaches? What are the differences between the destinations? We are asked these questions on a daily basis and we thought we would take some time to compare and contrast the destinations.

The Maldives, Seychelles, and Mauritius offer some of the most exceptional and luxurious resorts – and unforgettable holiday experiences – anywhere in the world.

Maldives is a collection of 1,200 small, flat, coral islands that offer spectacular beaches and sensational snorkeling and diving. There are no hills or mountains in the Maldives and the pristine islands are surrounded by lagoons and coral reef.

Maldives is largely about beach, sun, water sports, restaurants, and relaxation. Each resort in the Maldives is on its own island, which collectively boasts the world’s best over-water villas, innovative resort features, and first-class spa facilities. Resorts have been creative in building unique facilities such as underwater restaurants and spa treatment rooms, underground wine cellars, over water villas with pools, treetop dining venues, observatories and more! Some of the nicest, most creative, unique resorts in the World are in the Maldives.

Maldives  Maldives


The Seychelles picturesque tropical scenery is due to its unique granite-island group. Huge granite boulders lining white-sand beaches create breathtaking visuals found only in the Seychelles. In addition to stunning shorelines, island hopping yields rare flora and fauna, pristine rain forests, and wonderful people.

There are luxury resorts on a number of the granite islands. The 3 main islands of Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue each have luxury resorts while there are also a number of private islands. Enjoying the beaches, giant tortoises, Coco de Mer (World’s largest coconut) and rare birds and vegetation amid the granite hill surroundings, allows for a number of great excursions outside of the resorts. Seychelles has carved out a niche as one of the most environmentally conscience destinations in the region as the government really tries to preserve the pristine islands.

Seychelles  Seychelles

Seychelles - Valle de Mai
Valle de Mai (ancient palm tree forest)

Mauritius differentiates itself as a single large, volcanic island with rugged mountain peaks leading down to an azure lagoon that encircles the island. With numerous posh resorts raising the standards of luxury, Mauritian properties continually offer greater levels of service and amenities.

Mauritius is home to great culture and diversity. Influences from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East have led to a melting pot of cultures. This cultural diversity has resulted in great food and interesting culture. While the beaches might not be quite the same as in the Maldives or Seychelles, the amount of activities and excursions is excellent. From hiking and exploring waterfalls, to World-class golf courses, to a huge range of water sports; Mauritius has the most diverse range of activities of the destinations. For those concerned about getting bored, there is plenty to do in Mauritius.

Mauritius  Mauritius

Mauritius Port Louis
Port Louis

Maldives and Seychelles both have gorgeous beaches. It’s more a matter of preference to say one is nicer than the other. Both are gorgeous. Maldives has coral islands surrounded by stunning lagoons. Seychelles has beaches lined with wind-swept stunning granite boulders. Sand in both destinations is great! We give our highest scores to both Maldives and Seychelles. In general, the beaches of Mauritius aren’t as pretty as the other two destinations so we would rate it third in this category.

Maldives beach Seychelles Beach
Maldives beach
Seychelles beach

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving
We’ve mentioned above that the islands of the Maldives are surrounded by coral reefs and this leads to amazing snorkeling and diving! Just about every resort in the Maldives has access to great snorkeling and scuba diving so we give the Maldives our highest scores in this category. While we do give the edge to the Maldives, snorkeling and diving can definitely be enjoyed in the Seychelles and Mauritius. There are spots in the Seychelles, such as Desroches Island that are every bit as good as some of the best in the Maldives, but in judging a destination in its entirety; Maldives just has so many amazing snorkeling and diving spots!

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving in the Maldives, Seychelles and Mauritius

Mauritius is one large island and there are so many activities and excursions. Golf courses, water activities, and numerous island excursions gives Mauritius the top spot for diversity of activity options. Seychelles would come in second here with rare flora and fauna that can be visited on a number of islands. In the Maldives, activities revolve around what the resort offers – which is mainly water sports, spa treatments, or the facilities on the island. As such, there aren’t as many excursions or activities as in Seychelles or especially Mauritius.

Golf Course in Mauritius Coco de Mer - Worlds largest coconut
Golf Course in Mauritius
Coco de Mer (World’s largest coconut)

The over water villas of the Maldives has long captured honeymooners ideas of a perfect spot! As such, Maldives is always popular for those looking to spend some romantic time together. Seychelles conjures up images of idyllic and pristine islands and as such Seychelles is also a great destination for romance.

Over Water Villa in the Maldives
Over water villa in the Maldives

We think a family-friendly environment has more to do with a specific resort than the destination as a family-friendly resort in any destination can be really enjoyable. All three destinations offer resorts that cater to families. Mauritius does have more activities in general which does lead more families down this path, but all three destinations have excellent family-friendly facilities.

Family Friendly resorts in Maldives, Seychelles and Mauritius

Both Mauritius and Maldives offer tremendous service. It’s hard to say service in one of these destinations is better than the other as resorts utilize staff differently in each spot, but both destinations have friendly staff that are always trying to please. The people of the Seychelles are wonderful, but of the three destinations things seem to run on island time (slower) than in the other two destinations.

Service in the Maldives, Seychelles and Mauritius

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