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Round-the-World in a Week – Day 1

Mar-17-2014 By Lindsey

Welcome to day 1 of our Round-the-World in a Week Trip!  Tara and I will travel on at least 7 planes, several boats, a submarine, 2 seaplanes, and about 10 different cars during the next week.  Our flight itinerary is Boise to Los Angeles to Tokyo (for a quick layover) to Singapore to Maldives to Dubai to San Francisco to Boise.

TSA Pre-check had us through security in Boise in about 20 seconds!  I have a credit card made out of metal and it was interesting to learn that the credit card sets off the metal detector.  It makes sense, though I’d never thought about it before. United Airlines recently installed new seats on the CRJ 700 aircraft which made the 1 hour 36 minute flight super easy.  One flight down!

I was lucky to witness a kind act of a super nice traveler.  The gentleman in seat 1A of the Boise to Los Angeles flight gave up his first class seat to a traveler who is paralyzed from the waist down.  It was a touching and generous act that was wonderful to witness.  It was so cool to start out our trip witnessing this nice gesture as I love seeing travelers being nice to each other!!!

Checking in for our Singapore Airlines flight in Los Angeles was a breeze – we only have carry-on luggage for the trip.  The recently renovated Tom Bradley international terminal is really beautiful.  We hadn’t been through the terminal since the end of December and a lot of shops and restaurants have opened since then.  I never thought I would be saying that LAX has a really nice terminal!  The Star Alliance business and first class lounges are both really nice (first class travelers can access both lounges as they are connected).  While the first class lounge has better food and drink options, we prefer the larger space of the business class lounge.  The business class lounge has a cool outdoor terrace, media room, library room, a wine wall, and lots of comfortable seating.

After a short layover we boarded the A380 for the 11 and a half hour flight to Tokyo.  I still get excited about flying on A380’s!  Tara recently said that if we were going on a round-the-world in a week trip, Singapore Airlines should factor in to part of the itinerary.  Singapore Airlines is our favorite airline and one of the biggest reasons is that the seats in business and first class are so wide and spacious.  We also like how the seats fold down into a bed.  I can turn over while sleeping which makes a difference.  The first class suites are exceptional as the seats fold down to about a queen size bed for the two of us.  I also think the food and drinks are better on Singapore Airlines than most other airlines – they serve some seriously good Champagne, wine, and spirits!  The Singapore Airlines staff are always so friendly.  It also helps that we always have success redeeming points for award tickets on Singapore Airlines.

Up next for our trip – the perfect beer pour at Tokyo’s Narita airport, how to best spend a 1 and a half hour layover at Narita, and then it’s off to Raffles Hotel Singapore via a Bentley transfer!

I’m posting this from 38,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean on the flight to Tokyo.  Singapore Airlines charges per MB of data usage so I’ll add photos to this post when we are on a better connection.

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