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Our team is really excited about our new blog as this space gives us an opportunity to share stories and provide interesting information in a format we have not been able to previously.

We will post destination specific information such as overview documents about the Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. We will post restaurant recommendations and excursion and activity information for each destination.

We will interview management and staff at various resorts. These interviews will be on a variety of subjects such as updates on the progress of new resorts with management, to learning about coral projects going on at resorts from marine biologists, to speaking with sommeliers overseeing the most interesting wine cellars, to chatting with chefs that create the most amazing meals!

Additionally, we will post our own reviews of resorts while we visit them. We will include photos and our opinions about each property and we will back up our opinions with explanations and comparisons to other resorts.

Our aim is to make this blog an educational, fun, and interactive forum that allows us to share more in-depth information with you about our wonderful destinations! We hope you enjoy our upcoming blog posts and please feel free to give us any suggestions of what you would like us to cover.

We update our Facebook page every day with new information and special offers. Resorts are increasingly giving us special offers to post on Facebook and I would encourage you to like our Facebook page to ensure you receive the latest updates.

Thank you!

Best regards,

Lindsey Wallace
CEO & President
Linara Travel

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